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What Our Clients Are Saying

I am usually very reluctant to start a project due to the time and mess inherent in any remodel. Wendy and her team have turned my trepidation into enthusiasm. Wendy has clear lines of communication and will guide you through the entire process. You will always know what will happen, when it will happen and that the work will be performed extremely well. Wendy is also an expert troubleshooter when things don't go as planned, or a hiccup occurs, as is inevitable in any big remodel. What started as a small bathroom remodel has morphed into a whole condo refresh because of my faith in Wendy and her team. A hearty endorsement from this very happy customer. Many thanks to Wendy and Guan Construction!

Lisa Barr

Really enjoyed working with G Construction and their team. Wendy talked me through the options available and what she thought would be best for my bathroom remodel. I love how thoughtful she was about the design, and how flexible she was when I wanted to add a last minute shower hutch. The communication was great and the work was very well done! I felt 100 % confident in their work and their honesty about the job and it was all done for a very fair price! Will definitely call Guan Construction again for future home improvement projects!

Erica Chang

Accidentally meeting Wendy was extreme lucky. I needed workers to fix my SF house after the long term tenant moved out. Even though huge reconstructions weren’t needed, many things big and small had to be fixed. I met Wendy through cold calling from phone book, but she was very prepared. Out of all construction owners that I met, she was the only one jotted down all items I mentioned. She was also the only one swiftly got back to me with a list of things that needed to be fixed plus detailed price tags. I liked her organized style so much that I decided to work with her immediately. Wendy and her team were very flexible with all my various ideas, ranging from adding new items to changing the styles of current works. She is very straightforward and never hesitates to voice her opinions, which is very helpful for me. Unlike other construction owners, she never sells me unnecessary services. Because of all her strengths, our collaboration has been smooth and efficient. Thoughtful, detail-oriented, organized, responsive, and candid, along with her reasonable pricing, Wendy and her Guan Construction is an image of professionalism in this industry. I am extremely satisfied working with Wendy and I genuinely recommend her company to others.

Nelson Liao

I have worked with Wendy Guan and her team at Guan Construction on a few small to medium size projects. To be brief, they are great -- flexible and easy to work with.Bonus for being fast and affordable. I would like to work with them again the next time I have a project. Plumbing, electrical, lights, carpentry, etc. Thanks Wendy!


This review is long overdue. Guan Construction has helped me with four remodeling projects in the last ten years. They always delivered on time and on budget. Pricing is fair and transparent. The workmanship is impeccable. To top it all off, the customer service is highly personalized. Wendy accommodated my schedule and brought me samples on weekends. She also searched all over the bay area (and the internet) to find me the hardwood flooring that matches a discontinued model. She even managed to have an old fountain demolished and removed overnight on very short notice ! I cannot stop raving about Wendy and her team to all my friends and family. So glad that I found such a great team for my construction needs!

Mindy Guo

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